whos toes?

.. how do you know that Summer is here? One way is, just to look down on girl’s feet, and oh boy, look at all these colours!

my first new tattoo!

Got a new tattoo @ Sacred Heart Tattoo and Body Piercing in Kitsilano. This tattoo is one of my early drawings and it depicts raven… or, what ever you think it may be.. Sacred Heart’s tattoo artist was Paul Peddie . Photo by D.

i made a booboo..

First Aid
You should not walk in remote areas without a basic knowledge of first aid. At least one person in a party should know how to bandage an ankle or apply a splint to a broken limb, and hillwalkers should be able to recognise the signs of hypothermia and how to respond.

Safety In The Mountains
* Check their route is not too ambitious and that they have sufficient time and energy to complete it
* Take warm clothing and a waterproof jacket and overtrousers
* Always take a map and compass and carry an ice axe and crampons
* Learn how to use them on safe terrain before getting into difficult situations
* Tell a family member or friend where they were going and for how long
* Check the weather forecast report prior to setting out