Working at the video store – life is a bitch

Gotta love it! Didn’t you hear? I did, tonight, guy I work with at the video store told me…. There is only you, your lonely one special self.

Even though we have a fair warning every moment during our journey of life, we forget and keep looking at others to be the ones who support our every step… but in the end, there is no one else.  We have our family, friends, lovers and we love them all – two of them just called me! Ultimately, we have to make our own decisions… and that’s a good thing.

“Researchers found that men who were socially isolated had raised levels of a blood chemical linked to heart disease.” By Telegraph Group Limited 2006

CWC/Corus workshop

So, it is over… my last event I organized at The Banff Centre, moving on to Vancouver is the next step.

This event was fun and exciting for me, and I think that all the girls had the same feelings too. We learned so much from each other…experiences, which I think will last a lifetime. Thank you all and I do hope that our paths will cross one day again!

The Canadian Women in Communication ski team at the fininish line (click on the picture to get to my Flickr account for larger image – and some other of my picks):

CWC Ski Day