toilet free of charge

In Polish: Bezpłatna Toaleta, this a sign was found in one of the public washrooms in The Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow. Most toilets in Poland are paid, and there is usually ‘Babcia Klozetowa’ (Madame Pipi) sitting at the entrance to collect the change from you..

Snow in Vancouver

Hey winter! Welcome to Kitsilano, welcome to my street.. This is real winter, and it finally arrived in Vancouver! I only hope that the snow will stay till Christmas.. one can be dreaming, right? It is Vancouver after all.. but I am enjoying it while it last! And, it looks like others enjoy it also!

tofino’s mudflats

The winner of this year’s Poetry Contest  in Tofino, Vancouver Island.

Haiku by Becky Hiscock:

Sweet Shoe

Squish! Instantly I
Have regret of my first steps.
Bye, sweet shoe, goodbye.

Not sure what makes a haiku? Here’s some help:
A haiku is a Japanese poem which has three lines, each line having a certain number of syllables:
5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

Haikus usually have some element of nature in them. For example:
September artists
gather amid canvas, words
alder leaves rustle
(by Janice Lore)