ice climbing

On January 17th I did a day course of ice climbing at the waterfall in the Cal-Cheak Forest Recreation Area near Whistler. This course was provided by ACC and our teacher was Jason Wheeler. Jason provided supplies: all ropes, ice climbing tools, crampons, ice screws, climbing anchor materials and other safety gear. We (6 girls) had to bring our own Boots – mountaineering boots – Scarpa, Koflach, etc, harness, helmet, locking carabiners, and a belay device.

We had practical “hands-on” experience in climbing techniques for steep and vertical ice, ice anchor construction (ice screws and Abalakov “V-thread”), and practiced rope management skills, belay techniques, tying knots. This course was designed for people who have never climbed waterfall ice, but they had to be comfortable with essential basics of top-rope climbing before coming out.

Jason kept the course as enjoyable as it was safe!

Jason Wheeler also wrote a ‘little story’ called “Chicks With Ice Picks” about our amazing ice adventure. You can find that story on the Outdoor Research website.

West Coast Ice:


instructions on how to play with snow

Iwona at Dog Mt Trail

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My instructions on how to leave a facial imprint in the snow!