New Hurtle

Congrats Iwona!

My quest is complete. I joined the forces of Vancouver full-time working class last Monday and gained an intimate look at the administration of the advertising company through the eyes of complete novice.

Lamar Transit Advertising is the one and only who welcomed me with opened doors, very warm and approachable co-workers, and hurtle down the runway of information… and a beautiful white rose sent to me by a messenger. Congratulations on your new job from Lamar, the note said!

How did they know that I love flowers, and donuts (in Polish Pączki)? Yes, that’s right, you heard me! Every Thursday our own Jack, one of the sales peeps, brings a big box of freshly made sweetness from Tim Horton’s. Trying to loose weight? Well, not so fast. Making your office life much sweeter, oh, yes, please, de rigueur to unwind! Mmmmmm, doooonuuuuuts ….*said in Homer’s dreamy voice*.

Still doing my freelance design work on the side.

Take a Number at ICBC!

This morning I switched my Ontario Licence to British Columbia Driver’s Licence. It is official – I am a British Columbian now!

The ICBC’s (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) computers are suppose to automatically recalculate from imperial to metric (it’s this old predicament around here in Canada), but somehow I ended up 2 centimetres taller and 2 kilos lighter on my new BC driver’s licence… I guess that’s a good trade off, apart from being already pretty tall… now, all I need to do is have ‘a controlled operation of a vehicle’ to preferably some place really nice.

Seats In My Body OK

Rainbow Lake Trail

Food, wine, and conversation… last Tuesday, Susie and I, paid Elizabeth a little visit and were offered a sophisticated alternative of a fun and bright conversation combined with basil/salmon/fresh vegetables feast.

Their distinctive way of thinking and knowledge of life, art and new media, and our past experiences combined, and there we have it – a wonderful mix of a pleasant marvel. To our mix add a glass of wine while sitting comfortably on veranda during a warm summer evening…. *sigh*….