Lucky Lucky Girl

Dutch Girl Chocolates Inc.

Real friends are hard to come by, that is why I so do appreciate all those people who I can think of as my friends.

Last week – reuniting with a special girl and realising some future dreams, which we may bring to life perhaps together?

Today, happy day with an amazing guy who created most precious moments, and who handpicked hand-made chocolate… just for the little me, to celebrate the day of my name.

Good news from an incredible woman this morning, the design project it’s a go! 

Call from a friend far far away, hearing her voice on my answering machine telling me that she loves me and misses me. I am lucky.

May 23rd – Iwona’s Name Day

Iwonka, Iwa, Iwcia, Iwusia, Iwońcia, Iwuś, Iwu

Personality: She, who stings
Character: 92% — guess that’s good…???
Radiation: 90% — I lived through Chernobyl…???
Resonance: 90 000 vibes/second – I have no idea what that means….???
Colour: Blue
Main characteristics: will – activity – intuition – health
Plant totem: Valerian
Animal totem: Porcupine
Zodiac: Libra

Name Day tradition is especially celebrated in Poland and some catholic regions of Bavaria. Name Day is also celebrated in Greece, Sweden and Hungary, and previously in Russia. Translated from Polish Name Day horoscope.

Today is also the day when I have a very exciting and promissing job interview. Wish me to break a leg! I guess I’m almost there, since I slightly twisted my ankle (nothing major, I am a strong Polish woman) during my 25K adventure of leading my group to safety, hehehe, at the Golden Ears Park hiking this weekend….:)

Happy day today for one more reason – I got my beloved MacBook Pro fixed/started again at 6am this morning after long hours of trouble shooting. You go girl! Yep, I’m that dedicated.

Three Friends – Lori, Nat, Iwus

Basking in the sun outside of breakfast place downtown Kelowna – photo taken by Robert Jobin.

Last weekend I took a fine for the spirit trip to Kelowna – thanks for the car R! When there I met with my two beautiful friends from Banff – Nathalie and Lori.

Nathalie’s friend from Vancouver, Robert, was my driving partner. We had some great chats on ALL subjects all the way to Kelowna, which is about 4 hours drive from Van.

We camped at the Bear Creek Campground, my first camping this year! They drunk some wine, I drunk some vodka, and we chatted some more. Boy, we can really chat! And then we parted and I was off on my lonesome way back to Van, as I lost my driving partner who continued his trip to Banff with my two friends. I do enjoy driving alone; it makes me more aware of the surroundings and how I respond to them. And of course I stopped several times to explore (that curious nature of mine) and to take some pictures. What a beautiful world that is!

Pain, Pain, Pain….

almost berry…

Locked in a prison of a broken heart and someone threw away the key. Is this conviction for life? How does one brake through the thick walls of pain, pain, pain…. There must be a way.

The beauty of nature is that it surrounds us with its symphony of smells and colours and it tries to comfort us, unknowingly.

Out With the Old!

The Team

Thank you to all great peeps in Van and outside of Van for your words of support during my sorry days of not getting the best from life! It is nice to know that fine people do exist.

On another note, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, my roommate and friend, was my ‘partner in crime’ last week. Working together we covered/painted with three (Yep, we are both that meticulous…) carefully put layers of the ‘wedding silk’ ivory paint our creepy greenish living-room walls.

Running Up That Hill….

Mt. Rundle

I am going to climb this mountain! The question that I am asking myself is, would I be ever able to climb out of this shatter I'm in right now?

8:05 Monday Morning

It is another day in my big city’s Tree House. I do feel like I’m on the top of the world when I’m in my room. The big cedar’s branches are blown by the wind right outside of my window, and the city skyline with the mountains behind. My house does have an astounding view!

More fragile days ahead, I know that. With only hope that there is something better waiting for me around the corner. They say that when one door closes the other one opens. Knock, knock!