Friends Photography

My friend photographer from The Banff Centre, Tara Nicholson, is having another photography show called ‘ambient’ with opening on May 5th at Botega in Banff, Alberta. Congrats Tara! Wish I could be there.

Morning Reminiscing

Day At The Lake

‘divide’ – this photo of a chinook sky above Mt. Rundle is also in my NowPublic photo footage.

Waking up this morning to a beautiful sunny sky above the city of Vancouver with mountains gazing in the horizon….. is this the place that I love and long for? Is this why I reminisce my images from my old town?

Friends of Banff in Vancouver

My friend I met in Banff, Leonard Paul, invited me to lunch today. He took me over to this funky diner, right downtown Vancouver on Grandville Street, called Templeton – apparently the oldest diner in the area. This classic 1950’s diner is 'nicely' located in a shady part of town near cinemas, sex shops, and XXX video stores, with a diverse clientele from suites to near-homeless. It’s location did not reflect on the quality of food, definitely a must try. We both plunged in to Templeton's lip-smacking Portobello mushroom roasted garlic and asiago burgers, mine with tasty mixed greens raspberry vinaigrette salad (organic something or other) and Len’s with great house chipped fries. We chatted away and shared a glass of beer.

Len, whom I met in Banff at one of the events I organised for the Banff New Media Institute, also worked on Issue 15: Flow: New Movements in Digital Music of the HorizonZero website during the time I was working for HZ.

Thank you for a nice chat and lunch Len, you are a good friend of Banff!

MacBook Pro Immodesty

Me and my new MacBook Pro (photo by Erik Hermans with his cellphone camera), after Robert's Bday party.

I love my new Mac, and I think ‘she’ – Lisa? – is beginning to like me to.

2GHz intel core duo processor, 1 gb ddr2 sdram memory, 100gb hard drive, 7200rpm, 15” screen…..should I go on? Yes? Ok then, here is more. It reads/writes every single CD/DVD type there is, it has 256mb vram, 2 cores, 2ghz cpu speed, and 667mhz bus speed. Pretty speedy and slick machine if I may say so myself.

I feel that our working relationship will be quite amazing and I am sure that ‘Lisa’ will help me to create more designs like this header I did for Robert Scales’ blog.

All right, that’s enough of this immodesty for now.

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Here are some images of trees I took during my sweet life in Banff, Rocky Mountains Canada. More picks from the Rockies, and otherwise, on my Flickr account.

New VanLife

So, I moved to Vancouver… I am crazy. Although, in the past two weeks life treated me quite well, for a new comer to the big city from a small town of Banff.

First day I arrived, a twenty-dollar bill just happen to fall under my feet…! How often does that happen? Speaking of good signs: I’ve been running into people I know, practically on every corner. Small world after all.

Found a beautiful place to live in with my friend Cheryl in an older house in Kitslano. Views from our windows are spectacular. We are moving in May 1st and I can’t wait. Also had my first job interview at Dilemma Productions and we shall see what will happen with that, but it feels promissing.I do hope for more good things to come soon.

Few hours later — OK. This is just weird.

As I was saying earlier, running into people, a phenomenon accruing to me since I visited Vancouver in February. I just went for a nice run towards Grandville Island and, as I was walking by the Emily Carr Institute, of course I had to run into who else, if not Sean. He just happens to step out for a lunch brake at exactly the same time I walk right by the door that he appeared from. Awesome.