Mountaineering Gear

My Mount Shasta mountaineering gear:
– Backpack
– 4 Season Tent
– Sleeping Bag (-9C rating) & Two Sleeping Mats
– GPS & Maps
– Waterproof Mountaineering Boots
– Crampons
– Snow-Shoes
– Helmet
– Mountaineering Axe
– Ankle Gaiters
– Trekking Poles
– Backcountry Shovel
– Rented from MEC the Backcountry Access Tracker DTS Avalanche Beacon
– Headlamp
– Handwarmers
– Soves, Fuel & Pots
– Food & Water
– Water Purification Tablets (for melted snow)
– Sharp Knife
– First Aid Kit
– Sunglasses!
– Sunscreen!
– A Small Towel
– Change of Clothes
– Waterproof Clothes
– Down Jacket, Gloves x2 & Warm Hat
– Picked up a ‘poo’ bag at the trailhead

Rock Climbing @ Star Chek, Cheakamus Canyon

How to overcome vertigo?

Go climbing with Jason Wheeler:

1.  Be told (by Jason) that you can’t climb Star Chek.

2.  He’ll say he’ll take your friends climbing instead, so then later they can show you how this can be done.

3. Then, of course you’ll need to Prove You Can Do IT!

4. Rappel and climb Star Chek.. Under Jason’s watchful eye of course..


Rock Climbing @ Fern Gully, The Little Smoke Bluffs

Top Rope  Course with Jason Wheeler.

Course Content:
-Types of knots
– Using fixed anchors
-Using natural anchors
– Cleaning anchors
-Rappelling and rappelling back up
– Ascending, use of prussic
– Assessment of Hazards
– Common mistakes and what to try and avoid
– Discussion about safety procedures
– Climbing will not be the focus of this course, we will climb providing it is not raining but the focus is on rope work.