M’Girl CD Release Party!


Poster design by Iwona Erskine-Kellie.

M’GIRL – Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Sheila Maracle, Tiare Laporte and Renae Morriseau are having a big bash with lots of music, great artists and fun for their newest and beautiful CD titled the ‘Fusion of Two Worlds’.

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
Wise Hall, 1882 Adanac Street
Doors Open 7:00 P.M.
Performances start 8:00 P.M.
Tickets $10 at the Door

Please come and join us for a party and M’Girl performance, with invited guests including Jason Burnstick, the Murray Porter band and others.

M’Girl – Aboriginal Women’s Ensemble incorporates harmonies, world beat into their traditional sounds of Cree, Mohawk, Ojibway, Saulteaux.

For more information call 604.990.4418 or visit www.mgirlmusic.ca

HIPNOTIQ Excursion


White martini glass, blue drink, a colourful world… the Girls Night Out!

Belly Dance Class

Fountain Relief

I attended this single one-hour belly dance class today with my friends Pam and Mel. Now I’m sitting on the couch and my arms hurt… thinking, need more of this!

The subtle beautiful ancient art form of belly dancing with a harem veil began to flower to it’s full potential – from simple, to simply amazing. Different parts of my body, I didn’t even know I had, got isolated and powered with new energy.

What an excellent workout for a woman’s body…

Awkward Situation

Busy Bee MacBook Pro Style

Let’s face it; I’m only human. Me, self-assured woman, can be put in a state of panic and instant low-self esteem as soon as I stray from polite to just plain thorny meet-your-past situation. We’ve all been there, in one-way or another.

Plus, it is hard to say “hi” to ones back side, however cute it may be… How does one resolve this misfortune?

Somebody once said to “look them proudly in the face and kick their asses” – now there’s an oxymoron! hahaha!

Human Nature

Blue Fishing Net

Yeesh. Apparently we don’t have the language to express our feelings. We are hankering for the finest words, but we need laughter, tears, art… Responses that are giving our spectators valuable insight to human sensations, feelings, and passions.

Yeah, and yet all this is macroscopically small in comparison to our vast ability of how we really feel things. That is why we are combining and mixing the ‘feelings tools’, when there is something very important that we feel we must express.

Now, lets blogs be one of those human nature grappling tools, lets…. bugger….

Good Person


This is a conflict between my body and my soul, between Want & Feel. My soul wants to do all the right things…. But my body feels like getting satisfaction of the ease and effortlessness. What is more important – happiness or wealth? Uh-oh, what do I do? All those insinuate thoughts…

If one person could avoid careless, casual, or thoughtless statements whose damage might outlast lifetimes… “Speech is an egg; if it drops on the floor what it does is shatter”.

I am trying to provide myself with some cynicism, but one cannot always be sure when cynical and inconsistent approach is approved by self’s morality.