Freeflow @ the media club

MC E-Spliff @ the media club

Freeflow and The Kitchen played at The Media Club on a spring Friday night, great original local music from Vancouver.

Freeflow has a quality of remarkable variety of sounds by fusing hip-hop and reggae, to funk and rock.

Night opened with The Kitchen, a band that was born on Nanaimo Street in East Vancouver.
“…utilizing funk-ass riffs, breaks, bass lines and melodies to make you wanna put on your dancing shoes.”
Peter Clark, Culture Writer
The Ubyssey, U.B.C.

I’m NOT watching Canucks play tonight!

I decided… if they win, then I will be happily surprised, and if they loose, then well… I can still get my Vancouver hockey fix from the wonderfully playing Vancouver Giants.

Picture of the Prince George Cougars’ – Jared Walker #16 – from the last Friday’s Round 3 Home Game 1 against the Vancouver Giants.

Later that night: OK, they made me do it… What a knuckle-biting two weeks and I am now ready for more. My roommate Kevin said to me that if the Canucks had lost last night, then at least I would have less stress later for the rest of the season. Never mind that, I do want more stress!

Peaceful Blue

Apparently men have a much stronger preference for the colour Blue then women. Well, before I was born my parents thought that my name would be Peter, so that should explain that then. Either way, Blue is my favourite colour, there is just something ’bout Blue.

Simply liking to live, living in my new home, achieving new dreams, as life lies not in living, but in liking… as they say. I like my new home, my new garden, new room, and people I’m living with. Just moved from ‘upper Kits’ (normally known as Dunbar) to ‘Kits proper’…

Freelance Design Work


Since my arrival in Vancouver I’ve been very lucky to have some great people  (Cineworks‘ postcard and website graphics, M’Girl‘s CD ‘Fusion Of Two Worlds’) do graphic design work for them during this past year.

Most recently, Marcy Criner, the Principal for International Programs and ESL Service at the Abbotsford School District #34 had me do a photo shoot and design work (four large banners) for the Abbotsford School (here is one of them). Thank you Marcy!