Seattle’s Essence


Street Violoncellist

New Fashion Statement – North and South of the Border

So Jacqui and I went to Seattle, and it out to have been an ideal time because the weather turned perfect and stayed perfect. This vibrant city surprised, amused, and entertained us.

We were at the Pike Place Market, where fishmongers toss salmon around like Frisbees. This is an enchanting midtown bazaar with independent energy, as hundreds of Washington state farmers, craftspeople and street performers overrun Pike Street.

Seattle has dozens of neighbourhoods spread across its area, connected by bridges spanning freshwater lakes and the saltwater resonance. Each has its own vibe, its own heartbeat and its own hardware store.

Bring on Seattle coffee and the newspaper, whose headlines glare with merriment without incident.

Banff Trailing Vancouver

'chinook_top' On Blueprint's Front Page

‘chinook_top’ On Blueprint’s Front Page

Andrea Seale, who is a nonprofit fundrasing consultant for the Blueprint Fundraising and Communications in Vancouver had contacted me while ago with regards to use of my image “chinook_top”.

Andrea loved this photo of mine, depicting rigid tip of Mount Rundle near Banff with the Chinook clouds over top of it, and asked me if it could be used for their main image on a front page of the Blueprint website. Now their beautiful website is up and running and images of Banff keep trailing me in Vancouver.

Thank you Andrea for this opportunity!