Winter Blues

Skeleton Is What Is Left

Recently I sunk too deep into the Winter Blues, or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) as ‘they’ also call it.

The ‘blues’ was something I’ve never experienced before coming to this rainy city of Vancouver. Previously I could feel a bit down from time to time, now I blamed my mood swings on my upcoming BIG birthday… hibernate through that perhaps?!

It is the depressing rain… rain, rain, rain… I should go and eat some anti-depressant potatoes. I’m better now.

Not Comfortable

How can I say this? I am use to thinking of myself as a “glass half full” type of person. Yet, I keep kicking myself about some choices I made this past year, and it hurts… damn those strong legs of mine, ya know…

From some place very deep inside this voice keeps pushing and throbbing my conscience that this is all wrong, that I don’t belong here… Vibrant city, new home, new job, new sea of good ole friends, long journey into new life and I’m wondering if I can carve out a living all so good, but not good enough. Out of my own mouth I condemn myself, just like pharaoh did…

As it is, I do not feel comfortable in this place that I have chosen by chance and by being, as they say, at the right place at the right time.

One day I will stop being this very grumpy person that I am right now.

I love you but I’ve chosen Pig’s good fortune.