beer, beer, bum needs to buy a beer…

Canucks VS Oilers

Out of the GM Place after enjoying Canucks kicking Oilers bums 3:2 to find myself immersed in a world far beyond my exuberant imaginings.

The sidewalk was barely if at all passable, for as night descended on the city they were claimed by the cheering fans, traffic, honking, and by the homeless beggars – otherwise known as “bums”.

I know for sure that one of these men will pass their time with drinking beer that night! He, the Bum with an amazing honesty, was preying on those decent citizens imprudent enough to wander through, with a loud beggars song: “beer, beer, beer, beer, bum needs to buy a beer, beer, beer…” and guess what? It worked beautifully!

I vote for the Constitutional Right to be a Bum!