2007 EA Christmas Party @ Vancouver Aquarium

We did not swim with the fishes.. but it sure felt good to be there, almost like a fish in clear water.. Vancouver Aquarium, 2500 dressed up people, live bands, lights, lots yummy food, and some great party friends!

Portrait Photography

Tiffany Aspinall

A face brimming with happiness and grace, or a face that is hard, hateful… a successful face… a smiling face.. photographing faces brings you up close and personal to the person you are taking photo of.

Face-to-face interaction, or should I say face-to-camera interaction, can bring many different, sometimes quite surprising, revealing personalities reactions from the subject you are about to photograph. And if I don’t have a studio or a big open space with diffuse light and a neutral background, well.. then, I ‘steal’ a location, for a very down-to-earth final photo. My work has never been shot in a studio, and with that, an end result is a natural and tranquil photo that was shot in a natural setting.

snow paradise

Two beautiful days of snow in Vancouver. That was some awesome awesome weather!!!