P2P Outdoor Art Videos: Scotland and Vancouver

Well.. I did not bring any popcorn, or beer, or wine, or even cheese, to the Upgrade! Vancouver Video Art event. However, the open studios atmosphere, which I’ve been missing since I left Banff few years ago, was still all around the back alley on East 1ST and Main in Vancouver…

Photographing Children

Last month I spent another two full and eventful days at the Abbotsford School District No. 34 photographing children at ‘work’.

Photographing children is challenging, but it could be very rewarding area to work in. You gotta know how to seize the ‘magic moment’ out of the little rascals.

I found that the key was to make the children to feel comfortable. I asked them questions about the things that they do at school and I had them show me their work. A lot of the kids were so happy to play and talk, they practically forgot that I was taking pictures. And, because children can be so unpredictable, I took a lot of shots!

Now, lets the photo editing begin…

More To Life Then ‘Online’

If the meaning of life is ‘42’, then I am getting closer to figuring this one out! If life without a friend is a death without a witness, then I am happy if I were to die soon (I do hope I don’t thou, die soon that is). With all the new technology and new ways of thinking, we have somewhat lost what the true friendship is. Friends are forever, not ‘online’!