School fire in East Vancouver

East Vancouver Khalsa School is being consumed by the fire. This is all the smoke that could be seen from the SkyTrain window when I’m on my way to work in Burnaby on this sunny and very hot Thursday morning. This photo was taken just before 8am this morning as the train was passing the Holdom SkyTrain station. Apparently there was not much left of the building.. luckily no one was hurt. The fire crew got the fire down by about 9:30am.

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet..

On my way back home, from one full day of hiking the Garibaldi Park trails and mountains, I’ve experienced this gigantic beautiful rainbow spread out over the Sea-to-Sky Highway..

Descending Liberty Bell

There are three ways to safely descend a steep slope: turn sideways and step with your knees bent; dig you heels into the earth; or flex your ankles and walk down slowly.. well, there is also the ever ‘graceful’ descending backwards option, which I highly recommend for descending the ever so steep and rocky Liberty Bell’s approach gully..