Vancouver Civic Services On Strike

Vancouver city services strike enters its sixth week. We swung by the Kitsilano Swimming Pool earlier. There will be no dipping into the refreshing waters for a while. But in the end I thought ‘what effect will this have on our tax bill’ (17.5-per-cent wage hike over five years)? And, if and if the strike continues for a long time, well, there is no pitch and putt, no chillin’ in local swimming pools, no building inspections and permits, plus the piling up, stinky, loaded with flies and what-not and other-crawling-things garbage. Ufff!

BCBusiness Site

Photo of my laptop I took during the NorthernVoice 2006 blogging conference in Vancouver last year made its way to the BC Business Magazine.

Schmap – Edgewater Hotel, Seattle

Two of my photos have been selected for inclusion in the newly released third online edition of Schmap Seattle Guide –