Beware of the Dog

‘Uwaga Pies’ – ‘Beware of the Dog’, these are a new warning signs in Poland to beware of bad or angry dogs. Laws have changed in Poland recently and now the word ‘Angry/Bad’ – ‘Zły’ is not allowed any more. Those signs use to say ‘Uwaga Zły Pies’ – ‘Beware of Bad Dog’.

western skunk cabbage

While some consider the plant to be a weed, its roots are food for bears, who eat it after hibernating as a laxative or cathartic. The plant was used by indigenous people as medicine for burns and injuries, and for food in times of famine, when almost all parts were eaten. The leaves have a somewhat spicy or peppery taste. Although the plant was not typically part of the diet under normal conditions, its large, waxy leaves were important to food preparation and storage. They were commonly used to line berry baskets and to wrap around whole salmon and other foods when baked under a fire. It is also used to cure sores and swelling.