Welcome to the United States of America

My photo was used under the Creative Commons license in an immigration to USA blog by Eric Rhodes called K1 Visa Blog in an article ‘Entering the U.S. on a Tourist Visa with the Intention to Marry’.

Wilderness First Aid

As of October 25th I am Standard First Aid For Wilderness & Level B CPR certified, through the St. John Ambulance Wilderness First Aid course.

fishnet socks

.. i have a *thing* for socks..

walk on sand

Why is it enticing to walk on sand? Because once you get that exceptional, white, soft sand between your toes, you become part of the ocean spirit and your existence is dawdling down to a natural rhythm of life..

So, go ahead and walk barefoot in sand..

we are all canucks

This is a new ‘Canucks’ bus full wrap before it ‘hits the road’. Dave Olsen (my Flickr buddy) & friends on the back of the Canucks bus full wrap that was put up in the Lamar Transit Advertising warehouse.

Sorel Etrog

Sorel Etrog is signing his book of his work titled: The Painted Links: Rare Two Dimensional Works during the Opening Reception night at the Buschlen Mowatt Gallery in Vancouver.

The Audience Chamber

This beautiful room at The Royal Castle in Warsaw (Polish: Zamek Królewski w Warszawie) was designed by an Italian architect Dominik Merlini.