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My name is Iwona Erskine-Kellie and I am a freelance graphic designer and a passionate photographer currently residing in Vancouver. I also work as a Lead Production Coordinator for Lamar Transit Advertising, and that would by my ‘day job’. My most recent position with the Banff New Media Institute at the Banff Centre for the Arts was as the BNMI Assistant and in-house graphic designer/photographer. Previously, I worked as Web Production Assistant with HorizonZero.ca, an online publication for digital art and culture in Canada.

My native country is the dazzling land of Poland, where I got the “bug” for appreciating art and beauty.

I majored in Digital Media Technical Production at Seneca College (honours), an interdisciplinary program with comprehensive new media industry components combined with business education, and completed computer graphics design and layout programs. Since graduation I have been pursuing a career in the multimedia art and performance workplace.

I am youthful, bright and energetic woman with passion for design and for organizing. Most recently I was responsible for organizing one of the major events for the Banff New Media Institute at the Banff Centre for the Arts called CWC/Corus New Media Career Accelerator workshop. My responsibilities ranged from booking fellow’s and faculty’s travel, rooms, meals, to organizing technical and administrative support, archives, as well as working on conception of the workshop’s complex agenda (including agenda’s graphic and layout design) and moderating panels. This event was one of many I have organized and participated in through out my employment at the Banff Centre for the Arts since the year 2003. Events such us REFRESH!, Interactive Screen, The Beauty of Collaboration, Carbon versus Silicon, and many others (http://www.banffcentre.ca/faculty/faculty_member.aspx?facId=339).

As a graphic designer for the BNMI, I designed the ‘look and feel’ images for the 2006 Banff New Media Institute’s print and online publications, as well as their print publications for several departments within the BNMI (Definition 2006: HDTV Summit ads, Images Festival 2006 ad, AMPIA Newsletter ad).

In addition, during that period, I also worked on a HorizonZero.ca website (an online interactive multimedia publication covering digital art and culture in Canada) as a web production assistant (www.horizonzero.ca).

HorizonZero issues I worked on are:


18 : ghost


17 : tell


16 : wear


15 : flow

Prior to my position at the Banff Centre for the Arts for 10 years I managed a small business and dealt with many aspects of computer graphics, web design, desktop publishing, printing and presentations, word processing, database, management, marketing, and interaction.

I am associated with the following Banff Centre programs:

* 2006 CWC / Corus New Media Career Accelerator
(Banff New Media Institute, 2006) February 24 – March 03

* REFRESH! The First International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology
(Banff New Media Institute, 2005)

* Survival, Revival, Reunion: Interactive Screen 0.5/Money and Law
(Banff New Media Institute, 2005) August 16 – August 23

* Bodies in Motion: Memory, Personalization, Mobility and Design
(Banff New Media Institute, 2005) June 25 – June 28

* Bodies in Play: Shaping and Mapping Mobile Applications
(Banff New Media Institute, 2005) May 19 – May 22

* CWC/Corus New Media Career Accelerator Program
(Banff New Media Institute, 2004) February 28 – March 05

* Skinning Our Tools: Designing for Context and Culture
(Banff New Media Institute, 2003) October 01 – October 05

* Carbon versus Silicon: Thinking Small/Thinking Fast
(Banff New Media Institute, 2003) August 07 – August 10

* Interactive Screen 0.3
(Banff New Media Institute, 2003) July 15 – July 20

* The Beauty of Collaboration: Methods, Manners and Aesthetics
(Banff New Media Institute, 2003) May 22 – May 25


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For more information about my design work please go to my Portfolio page.

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