my first Whistler-Blackcomb EDGE Card

After falling on my chest while snowboarding in Whistler last Saturday (just had to use my new crisp EDGE Card!), I could not laugh, sneeze, get up while lying in bed.. so I decided on Thursday that it’s time to check what the heck is going on with my ribs. My boss drove me to the Burnaby Hospital and dropped me off at the Emergency. After being quickly admitted, first.. I waited in a big waiting room; then I was transferred to a small waiting room where I was to change into a ‘very stylish blue gown’, got checked again, and… waited waited and waited. Then Mr. Doctor came in, checked me out, and sent for x-rays. I waited for an x-ray for a bit, but not too long. Very nice lady x-ray technician took two photos of my chest and sent me back to the big waiting room. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait for my doctor for to long.. X-ray didn’t show any fractures, sweet! And, feel lot better today, which is even more sweet! Lesson learned: I need to snowboard more, so that I am better and never fall again 😉