ski day

day of skiing on Cypress Mountain..

Recently, I took on skiing as my new hobby. As a previous very happy snowboarder, I wasn’t sure how this skiing thing would go on.. would I be able to learn it at all.. would I enjoy it?.. With many doubts about the whole experience, first I started with a lesson for beginners on Cypress Mountain. Plowing style skiing went relatively well, and I HAVE TO SAY, getting off the chairlift on skis was bliss!! (In comparison with getting off a chairlift on a snowboard..). All I had to do is to stand up, nice! After that, I took some lessons with my ACC club, and skied every weekend on Cypress for the past five weeks. Now.. I am starting to go down ever so scary Black Diamond runs.. skiing is fun!

instructions on how to play with snow

Iwona at Dog Mt Trail

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My instructions on how to leave a facial imprint in the snow!

Snow in Vancouver

Hey winter! Welcome to Kitsilano, welcome to my street.. This is real winter, and it finally arrived in Vancouver! I only hope that the snow will stay till Christmas.. one can be dreaming, right? It is Vancouver after all.. but I am enjoying it while it last! And, it looks like others enjoy it also!