Polish trends..

St. Roch’s Church in Białystok

My sister Ewa, who lives in Poland, and I were talking on Skype this morning. She was telling me about some of the Poland’s recent trends. For example, about Polish people becoming more open to gay marriage. As you know Poland is a predominantly Catholic country. One of the examples is this joke told by one of their comedians:

“Mother talks to her son about him getting married. She says: my son, why don’t you get married? Our neighbour’s daughter, she is pretty, she can cook, she can clean, she has nice big boobs, she dresses nice… Why don’t you marry her my son?

Son answers her: But I would much prefer to marry John…

Mother says: but my son, John is Jewish!”


Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity – Tykocin, kościół Trójcy Przenajświętszej.

The Tykocin old town square, called a Rynek in Polish, is actually a rectangle and quite large for such a small village. As in Germany, most Polish towns were built around a central square with a Catholic Church and the town hall as the main features. In the middle of the Rynek in Tykocin is a statue of Stefan Czarniecki, a hero of the war against the Swedes in the 17th century. According to the tour guide, the King gave the whole town to him in gratitude for his heroism. The statue was erected in his honor by his grandson, Jan Branicki, in 1770.

toilet free of charge

In Polish: Bezpłatna Toaleta, this a sign was found in one of the public washrooms in The Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow. Most toilets in Poland are paid, and there is usually ‘Babcia Klozetowa’ (Madame Pipi) sitting at the entrance to collect the change from you..

ice trail

Granite alpine-like Tatra stretch on the boarder between Poland and Slovakia. Tatra is the highest part of Carpathians. The highest peaks are about 2,5 km high. The Tatra Mountains, Tatras or Tatra (Tatry in both Polish and Slovak). Zakopane, is the “Winter Capital” of Poland. The highest peak in the Polish Tatras is Rysy (2499 m).

In this photo is a trail on the ridge that takes us to the Kasprowy Wierch mountain.  This trail leads up to Kasprowy Wierch from Zakopane through the Hala Gasienicowa, all about 3 hours of hiking and a beautiful ridge walk. There is a meteorological observatory on the summit (1985 m), and slightly lower than the summit is the top station of the cable-car from Kuznice to Kasprowy Wierch. This trail is on the border of Poland and the Slovak Republic and there are no border controls on the mountain so it is technically possible (in good weather) to cross into the other country… which I sort of did..