climbing is boring..

.. some people yawn.. some people check out their cameras.. and we don’t exactly know what others are doing.. lots of time to do many different things while waiting your turn to climb..

David, Nadine and Jason. Rock Climbing @ Star Chek, Cheakamus Canyon.

Rock Climbing @ Fern Gully, The Little Smoke Bluffs

Top Rope  Course with Jason Wheeler.

Course Content:
-Types of knots
– Using fixed anchors
-Using natural anchors
– Cleaning anchors
-Rappelling and rappelling back up
– Ascending, use of prussic
– Assessment of Hazards
– Common mistakes and what to try and avoid
– Discussion about safety procedures
– Climbing will not be the focus of this course, we will climb providing it is not raining but the focus is on rope work.

One Tryolean Traverse Please

… or maybe two??

Well the math is basically like this: six adventurous women, plus Skaha Rock Climbing Adventures in Penticton, British Columbia, equals great weekend to remember in the Okanagan Valley.

Then and there we all discovered ‘ the thrill of rock climbing and rappelling’, several ‘new’ styles of Tyrolean traverse. All this topped with chocolate fondue and wine tasting tour of the local vineyards: Lang Vineyards, Red Rooster Winery, Stonehill Estate Winery, and Blasted Church Vineyards.