Frosty Mountain Summit

The summit silent movie.. volume up!

At the peak of Mount Frosty, Elevation 2408 meters.

Mount Frosty, E C Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia.


red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet..

On my way back home, from one full day of hiking the Garibaldi Park trails and mountains, I’ve experienced this gigantic beautiful rainbow spread out over the Sea-to-Sky Highway..

Rock Climbing @ Star Chek, Cheakamus Canyon

How to overcome vertigo?

Go climbing with Jason Wheeler:

1.  Be told (by Jason) that you can’t climb Star Chek.

2.  He’ll say he’ll take your friends climbing instead, so then later they can show you how this can be done.

3. Then, of course you’ll need to Prove You Can Do IT!

4. Rappel and climb Star Chek.. Under Jason’s watchful eye of course..


ice climbing

On January 17th I did a day course of ice climbing at the waterfall in the Cal-Cheak Forest Recreation Area near Whistler. This course was provided by ACC and our teacher was Jason Wheeler. Jason provided supplies: all ropes, ice climbing tools, crampons, ice screws, climbing anchor materials and other safety gear. We (6 girls) had to bring our own Boots – mountaineering boots – Scarpa, Koflach, etc, harness, helmet, locking carabiners, and a belay device.

We had practical “hands-on” experience in climbing techniques for steep and vertical ice, ice anchor construction (ice screws and Abalakov “V-thread”), and practiced rope management skills, belay techniques, tying knots. This course was designed for people who have never climbed waterfall ice, but they had to be comfortable with essential basics of top-rope climbing before coming out.

Jason kept the course as enjoyable as it was safe!

Jason Wheeler also wrote a ‘little story’ called “Chicks With Ice Picks” about our amazing ice adventure. You can find that story on the Outdoor Research website.

West Coast Ice:


western skunk cabbage

While some consider the plant to be a weed, its roots are food for bears, who eat it after hibernating as a laxative or cathartic. The plant was used by indigenous people as medicine for burns and injuries, and for food in times of famine, when almost all parts were eaten. The leaves have a somewhat spicy or peppery taste. Although the plant was not typically part of the diet under normal conditions, its large, waxy leaves were important to food preparation and storage. They were commonly used to line berry baskets and to wrap around whole salmon and other foods when baked under a fire. It is also used to cure sores and swelling.

One Tryolean Traverse Please

… or maybe two??

Well the math is basically like this: six adventurous women, plus Skaha Rock Climbing Adventures in Penticton, British Columbia, equals great weekend to remember in the Okanagan Valley.

Then and there we all discovered ‘ the thrill of rock climbing and rappelling’, several ‘new’ styles of Tyrolean traverse. All this topped with chocolate fondue and wine tasting tour of the local vineyards: Lang Vineyards, Red Rooster Winery, Stonehill Estate Winery, and Blasted Church Vineyards.