a call from the DOCTOR’S OFFICE (that you don’t want to hear):

Beginning of March 2010 a snowboarding accident left me with serious tear of my ligaments in my left knee. Because I was told that I would have to wait for MRI through the BC Health system for about a year, I decided to cough up some ‘dough’, about $600, and get it done through the private facility. The MRI showed I had a tear of my PCL and MCL After my MRI I had appointment scheduled at the Dr. Chin’s office at the Joint Preservation Centre of BC of UBC. He hoped that I didn’t need surgery, but he said that time will show. I had a follow up appointment, except Dr. Chin did not show up for that one, he send some other doctor in his place.

This is Dr. Patrick Chin’s secretary Joyce message left on my cellphone with regards to my knee injury follow up on my second MRI that was done at the beginning of January 2011. Technician at the UBC’s MRI facility told me that I will be contacted by my doctor in about 10 days after this MRI. He did not tell me the results. Now it’s almost end of March.. I left three (one per day) messages on Joyce’s (Dr. Chin’s secretary) answering machine. This is how CANADIAN HEALTH CARE does not CARE! Listen:

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