Cosy Crocheted Slippers

Best to describe this last few weeks I perhaps should quote my good friend Daniel. We were sitting on a ferry deck of a “Queen of Something This or Other” on our way back from the Malcolm Island and basking in the sun and in Daniel’s wisdom. That’s when he said to me that “my life took the Scenic Road instead of a Highway” i.e. life with my ex was the highway.

Either a motorcycle ride with a new friend, photographing this beautiful world, crazy bike ride down and up a rocky mountain trail, or perhaps just sitting comfortably on a Harley Davidson (and not being really totally naked under all this leather, honest….) or in a hot tub with friends, and you just know that the wind blowing through your hair is a good wind. It amazes me how easy it was to be my strong self again, follow my instinct and enjoy life, and not worry about someone constantly telling how wrong you are in doing the things that you do. I believe that is the same for everybody, that sometimes you just forget who you are for some reason…

I still keep wondering if full time design work is going to be my future here in Vancouver, or even if I am going to stay in Vancouver? I can’t complain so far, but how certain can I be that my luck keeps up? After the trip to the Island I’ve been thinking more and more about my own B&B… Plan, talk to friends, check the resources, do your research girl!

My heart still ache’s from all that ‘broken heart bulshit’ and from the diminished expectation that a loving partner was there for me when I needed him the most… but he was not there at all! It is also my bruised ego that I have to deal with (dishonesty, cheating, and being plain disrespectful, and braking my Yonex graphite shaft three-wood, all that goes somewhere along those lines too), and that’s always a hard one to get over…blah, blah, blah… boy, I hate this…

As the old saying goes – ‘if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger’ – right? Ok, that is it.

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